After many years of family traumas, family losses and  complex health problems, I tried desperately  to find something or someone to fix my family, but without much success, then I found Sue.   Her counselling and hypnotherapy sessions have helped us heal and to deal with all of our current and past anxieties.  Her professionalism, her compassion, her sensitivity, her trustworthiness and her deep understanding have allowed us to face our fears, realise who we are as individuals and what we are capable of achieving.  Our family are now thriving and enjoying life once again.  Thank you Sue. 
— Carol, Steffie, Danni and Steve
“I came to see Sue regarding weight loss, but during my first session, Sue found out that I had a real fear of water.  I had blocked this part of my memory, as I had almost drowned as a child.  Also, during school swimming lessons I had made many excuses not to learn to swim. For over 40 years I had this fear.  I never had a soak in the bath, went in swimming pools or in the sea.  After a few hypnotherapy sessions I was able to remember exactly why I had this fear of water.  Sue has helped me overcome my fear and address the issues.  Since having these sessions, I now enjoy many soaks in the bath, I have had a few spa weekends away, been in the sea in Barbados and also have taken part in daily aqua aerobic classes in Thailand.  The only thing left for me is to now take swimming classes.  Thank you, Sue, I couldn’t have done it without you!
— Asha
“I was at a loss when I went to Susana for the first time. I couldn’t understand why, when I so desperately wanted to lose weight, I would scoff sweets like a greedy cartoon kid from the Beano, even when, especially when, my mind was saying, No! Stop it! Truth be told, I felt a little mad. I was telling myself one thing and doing the complete opposite.   I googled hypnotherapy and found Susana lived quite near me - I am so lucky. I turned up late, resistant, full of trepidation and scepticism but there was a defiant dash of desperate hope too, rewarded when there was Susana, down to earth and clear, kind and wise - a true counsellor. She was able to let me see my behaviour from a new perspective and, vitally, with compassion. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool and Susana uses it respectfully and always in service to your needs. Susana gave me the gift of clarity and compassion, to myself and others. And truly that is priceless. She also cured me of my addiction to Percy Pigs and Haribo which is pretty awesome too!” 
— Charlotte
I went to Sue initially for help with having wisdom teeth out, as I had traumatic memories from previous dental treatment and I was very nervous. I had two hypnotherapy sessions and on the day of the procedure I was not nervous and it all went well. I then went on to have several counselling and hypnotherapy sessions with Sue which helped with existing issues. I can highly recommend Sue as a therapist.   
— Pippa
I visited Sue some years back for hypnotherapy to stop smoking. I had never been hypnotised before and Sue made me feel calm and at ease before the session. I was fully aware throughout the session, very comfortable and relaxed. Afterwards, I headed off to work feeling heavy in thought and yet no thoughts of wanting a cigarette entered my head and that is how it has continued ever since. The hypnotherapy was a huge success - Thanks Sue.
— Sharon
I really enjoyed my hypnotherapy session, and afterwards felt both relaxed and ready to move on! Sue has such a warm and caring voice which was so reassuring I would recommend her highly, and would not hesitate in going back in the future if another problem arises.
— Sandy